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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The new Agel Pro protein shake

The new Agel PRO provides protein and other life-sustaining nutrients in a revolutionary delivery system. Don’t let the dry powder form fool you. PRO is still based on Agel’s proven suspension gel technology; it’s just in a new package. Using the suspension gel technology in this form gives Agel’s latest product, PRO, the same absorption advantage the other Agel products enjoy, meaning that the muscles of the body get the fuel they need when they need it to perform at their best throughout the day.
PRO is the most powerful and advanced protein product on the market. Its unmatched amino acid profile is achieved by combining several protein sources with Green Tea Extract. It is loaded with the super nutrients found in Green Tea Extract known as polyphenols. Studies show that polyphenols may boost metabolism and assist in fat burning. Now with Agel PRO you get all the benefits of a protein drink like powerful muscle fuel along with the added benefits of fat-burning super nutrients, an advanced amino acid profile, and effective nutrient absorption.

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